June 3rd Fishing Report

It is 49 degrees, with Sun and clouds. Winds whipping in out of the West. Northern basin of Loon Lake is choppy. Water temperature is up to 57 degrees (yes, warmer than the air today). While fishing, it rained on me a bit while the sun was out.

Good news math: wind + cold = no bugs.

Saske and I went fishing on the Whaler. Can’t take the Goldens, ’cause they want to jump in and retrieve the fish. Saske is just fine, as long as I let her sniff each fish caught.

I have had consistent luck in the narrows, fishing the chop. Caught another 18″ Smallmouth Bass. Alas, forgot to bring the camera. But Saske was my witness.

No other activity on the lake. Heard one drill and one saw, but that was it.

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