Memorial Day Weekend

I need to get back to work– so I can rest.

The weekend at Loon Lake has been great. The weather, until this morning, has been excellent I think we will see some rain later today. No black flies this weekend– but the mosquitoes have been thick.

My Son took his kids fishing on Saturday. They had good luck– catching some nice sized Smallmouth Bass. What was impressive was the girth, not the length. We have some fat fish in the lake. I took Paula around the lake on the Whaler last night; there were four other boats out, all casting towards shore.

We made pizza for the family on Saturday. This is quite the process, as Paula has to start the dough the night before, and prepare the toppings, and I need to get the wood-fired pizza oven up to temperature (800). We made nine pies– the
most so far: 2 Cheese, 2 Broccoli Cheddar, 1 Pepperoni, 1 Sausage and Pepper, 1 Greek; 1 Prosciutto and arugula; 1 mushroom, olive and onion. There might be a slice or two left.

We walked into the Saranac River Public Use Area off of Goldsmith Road for a hot dog/s’more lunch yesterday. This is a beautiful, handicap accessible campsite. It was sunny, with just enough breeze to keep the bugs off. I carry lunch in on my back, and carry the wood for the fire in as well, in a bucket. The bucket becomes my seat, and then is used to pour water on the fire. We also fill it to wash the kids’ hands and faces after the meal. I washed the 7 year old’s face by holding her upside down and dipping her in the bucket. There is some blow down on the trail; I will go back in next week with a chainsaw and clear it out.

The dogs have enjoyed swimming each day. I went in as well, to put the swim float out on its mooring. I did not enjoy the water, as the chain attaches underneath the float.

The nine year old got to try out her new kayak, with me nearby in the canoe. She did great and then got to pick out a new paddle for it with Paula.

I don’t have a flag here– I need to get one. The best Memorial Day Parade I have seen was decades ago– around a suburb of Richfield Springs, NY. It consisted of one fire truck, a small band, cub scouts, and 2-3 veterans. The whole community turned out to watch. They marched about half a mile along Route 20. I will never forget that parade.

Time at camp is great. We have two different types of experiences– solitude, and somewhat organized chaos. Both are great, in the right doses and order.

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