Shift Link Assembly

Welcome to my morning. I admit to a high level of frustration. But I am getting better.  Beer helps.

So I picked up the jon boat last night.  I had taken it in to Fogarty’s for routine maintenance– about five weeks ago.  They found a leaky gasket on the little Honda 10 horse.  The part was back ordered and did not arrive until this week.

I launched the boat at 5 AM, to fish.  It would not start. Four hours and some serious swearing later, I got it to start and run.  After warming it up, I pushed off to give it a test run.

It ran great.  In neutral.  I had no forward or reverse.  I cam up with a few new swear words, and towed it back home.  

The mechanic at Fogarty’s knew exactly what was wrong.  He had forgotten to hook up the shift link assembly.  He described  to me how to do it it– I said, don’t bother– you can show me when you get out here to fix the motor yourself.

I had a similar problem on the Whaler, back in 2002– only Mercury actually had a recall on their shift link assembly.  The problem was a bit different– on the last day of the boating season, as I was readying the boat for removal from the lake– I lost neutral.  I had forward and reverse.

Now, having  had both problems, I think it is better to lose neutral, rather than to lose forward and reverse. You can do a lot by cutting the motor and gliding.

I sent the family out fishing on the Whaler.  I wanted to jon boat as my means of escape, to find solitude.  Will use a solo canoe instead. I guarantee no issues with the shift link assembly, as long as I don’t drop the paddle.

Update: around Noon, a truck pulled up. It was the mechanic from Fogarty’s. He spent about five minutes working on the motor, and then went to the launch with me, to test the boat. All is well.

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