Obstruction of Justice

So tonight, the Washington Post is reporting that Trump asked two top intelligence officials to publicly deny collusion with Russia. They correctly refused. And Michael Flynn invoked the Fifth Amendment in refusing to turn over documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to Trump’s own words, you only invoke the Fifth if you are guilty.

I have nothing in common with this President. I have been a political science major, law student, forestry student, trial and appellate lawyer, environmental and energy lawyer and now am an environmental consultant. I am an environmentalist, outdoorsman, hiker, fisherman, hunter, snowshoer and trap shooter. We have no values in common.

I firmly believe in the rule of law. Simply put, I believe that if you comply with the law, you should be able to carry on unimpeded. But, if you violate the law, you should be stopped. And if you harm children, women, animals or the environment, you should be punished to the full extent of the law.

I believe that government should help us work collectively to achieve what we cannot do individually.  Like protect the environment,  care for the young and old, and for those who cannot help themselves and, of course, provide for our military.

Trump does not respect our governmental institutions, our collective American History, the purpose of governing, or the rule of law. He is ignorant, dishonest and incompetent. He lacks the temperament to govern effectively.

Thankfully we have an independent and aggressive media reporting on the activities of this Administration.  Thanks to papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times, I believe that Trump’s own words and actions will ultimately lead to his downfall.

To date, Congressional Republicans, with limited  exception, have been reluctant to stand up to this President.  That has to change.  Simply put, do what’s right.  Do your job.

One thought on “Obstruction of Justice

  1. I agree. From what I read and watch Mr. Trump continues to have the support of many who voted for him despite what he has shown and is showing us. When someone tells you who they are, you should believe them.


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